joli pot

One pot, complete look



Our provincial leathers have been handcrafted with the finest, world renowned hides. Many of our hides began their journey in old-fashioned tanneries in northern Italy, Holland, as well as in Ana's hometown of Conneaut, Ohio. In Conneaut; a tiny town nestled along the shores of Lake Erie in the Great Lakes region, the hides are imported and finished in a state of the art facility. Our vegetable-tanned hides are environmentally friendly, sustainable and are tanned using the bark of trees and colored with botanicals. 



Our provincial beauty teas are handcrafted by a local artisan, combining the beauty of tea and wellness. Our teas are blended for balance and delight. Each ingredient is hand-picked for it's health and relaxation benefits while giving a boost to the skin. From the delicate flowers and colorful blossoms, to the intricate, ancient craft of rolling the tea leaves; from the decadent rose buds, aromatic flavors of spices and herbs, to the art of how the leaves are fired, the very inspiration and core of our belief is that beauty begins within.  Our teas are masterfully and artistically created to promote health and much needed beauty rest.